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Admission Requirements

This training module is held in partnership with La lainière de Picardie. It targets patternmakers, drapers, technical designers, tailors and dressmakers looking to update and enrich their skills in menswear industrial assembly techniques.

140 hours: Full-time over 4 weeks (35 hrs per week)

In partnership with : 

Program structure

The menswear program takes place at the AICP training facility, 5 days a week over a 4-week period.

Case studies in industrial garment assembly:

  • Long-sleeve, classic collar dress shirt
  • Trousers(no pleats)
  • Straight, lined, jacket with unattached breastplate interlining

An introduction to the particularities of menswear will be followed by several key points in industrial assembly.

  • Cutting procedures according to fabric composition (linings, notions)
  • Assembly Preparation Under the supervision of Jean-Luc Auverdin from La lainière de Picardie
Under the supervision of Jean-Luc Auverdin – La lainière de Picardie

  • Garment piece identification (characteristics)
  • Quilting techniques
  • Cutting of garment pieces
  • Garment assembly preparation according to fabrication technique and fabric
  • Machine technology in industrial assembly
  • Finishing (inside or outside)
  • Fusing/Interlining: Machine types
  • Industrial Pressing tools
  • Functions and uses of equipment and notions
  • Stitching Savoir Faire: understanding stitch type/function and execution
  • Garment assembly methodology
  • Garment assembly breakdown: preparations, pressing, ironing, vaporizing
  • Case Study: Jacket with unattached breastplate interlining and fusing reinforcements
  • Post Assembly Excellence: Finishing, Conditioning, Button application, quality control


The Industrial construction techniques in menswear fabrication diploma gives participants new opportunities to integrate design studios; textile and clothing divisions, performing a variety of roles from garment fabrication and assembly, to quality control in limited series or bulk production.

Tuition and Fees

Includes training and equipment.

  • Students 1500euros (pre-tax)
  • Companies 1900euros (pre-tax)

Under certain circumstances tuition and fees can be funded by the companies.

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