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The AICP : Being ahead of the game in fashion

The AICP is the number 1 patternmaking school in France, and your partner in every domain of the clothing industry and in all phases of the life cycle of the product from initial inspiration to production.

Whether in fabric selection or style identification, fashion demands constant adaptation and evolution to respond to the ever-changing apparel industry. Whether transmitting industrial savoir-faire, or haute-couture precision, our continuing education modules allow companies to adapt and integrate new techniques and skills readily and efficiently.

Our commitment

Since the very start, AICP’s development strategy has been to continually update and perfect its techniques to secure clothing technician skills by adapting its catalogue to the specific needs of our fashion partners.

With over 180 years of experience in patternmaking and draping, The AICP proposes training modules which provide essential skills for the clothing making universe.

AICP’s In-Company Training

Our aim is to permit all players in the garment industry to consolidate their interface and privilege communication at every step of the life cycle of a product.

Our modules are targeted to all fashion houses, whether in mass manufacturing or high fashion; and specializing in manufacturing, distribution.

Our goal is to provide precise and efficient competencies that can be immediately integrated into hands-on, real clothing construction issues.

Organization and Financing

Our training modules are specifically adapted in duration and content to respond to the individual needs of each company. From one day of intensive training, or over several weeks; in the AICP state-of-the-art educational facility in downtown Paris, intra-company; in France or abroad, in small groups of 1-5 people.

Under the statute 11 75 10 66 475 fees can be covered by the corporate training budget (training module costs, employee social charges, transport expenses, accommodation and restoration).

Our client Portfolio

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