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For Beginners

This year serves as the necessary basic training in the development of the practical/technical skills in clothing construction and assembly.

Program Structure

11 months with internships (between 3-6 months throughout the year). An 11 week intensive program is also available with varying dates throughout the year.

  • Sewing (Hand and Machine)
  • Fabrication of study pieces (assembly of pockets, fasteners and cuffs)
  • Assembly of garment pieces(skirt, pants, dress, blouse, jacket with lining)
  • Introduction to patternmaking and draping
  • Fabric technology
  • Clothing technology
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Technical drawings
  • History of Fashion
  • Research projects in fashion history, fabric technology, exhibitions and visits
  • Fabrication of self study garment pieces


Successful completion of this module guarantees access to the following (full-time) patternmaking diplomas: Clothing Patternmaker or International Patternmaker.

Graduates of this training module are ready to apply for jobs in sewing operations or draping in design studios.


10 300 € payable in 2 installments (50% upon enrollment/ 50% prior to session start)

The intensive module (11 weeks) or 380 hours of in-school training: 5 550 €.

Registration fees and teaching materials fees are 160 €.

Under certain conditions tuition and fees can be funded by unemployment agencies or by continuing education (training) policies for employees by companies.

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Next intakes (enrollment deadline 3 months prior to start date)

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