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Admission Requirements

This training module is open to all Technical Clothing Designer bachelor graduates, or special individual profiles selected upon dossier, or candidates with prior fashion experience wishing to work in fashion trend styling, or update their technical skills while widening and enriching their capacity for creativity and innovation.

The curriculum’s core is based on creativity, with a significant emphasis on draping and the possibility of conceiving a collection from A to Z or to work in partnership with a fashion designer.

Program Content

This module is dedicated to individual creativity with personalized assistance in analyzing and solving complicated clothing architecture issues or fabricating trendy, high-style collections.

  • Conformation: morphology, pattern, tailor-made measurement
  • Normalization: adaptation of a pattern to a standard size
  • Personal project with advanced creation techniques


This training module permits graduates to excel in style, assembly, patternmaking, draping and alterations and apply for top-level positions in fashion design studios


9 350 € payable in 2 installments (50% upon enrollment, 50% prior to session start).

Registration fees and teaching materials fees are 160 €

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