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Admission Requirements

Graduates of the foundation year, high school or Clothing Patternmaker Diploma who are looking to boost or update their skills and expertise in clothing assembly and fabrication; or employees with prior fashion experience.

Certified by the French government as equivalent to 2 years of post-secondary education.

Program Structure

15 month full-time study program including 3 to 6 month internship

  • Patternmaking techniques (using our own geometrical methodology):
    • Patternmaking
    • Grading
    • Fittings/alterations
  • Draping muslin on dress form
  • Practical training: improvment in patternmaking (industrialization & transformations), clothing assembly and fabrication methodology, CAD Lectra©
  • Theorical training: knowledge of morphology, sourcing documents/spec packs, design studio English, CAD Lectra©

Work Placement:

  • Practical work training in real-life setting


With added expertise in Computer Assisted Design and Design Studio English, the International Patternmaking Diploma graduates can work in design studios across the globe in a wide range of positions from clothing assembly to quality control, from tailor/dressmaker workshops to mass retailing.


12 500 € payable in 2 installments (50% upon enrollment/ 50% prior to session start)

Registration fees and teaching materials fees are 160 €

Under certain conditions tuition and fees can be funded by unemployment agencies or by continuing education (training) policies for employees by companies.

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