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Admission Requirements

Graduates of the foundation year, high school or Clothing Patternmaker Diploma who are looking to boost or update their skills and expertise in clothing assembly and fabrication, or employees with prior fashion experience.

Certified by the French government as equivalent to 2 years of post-secondary education.

Program Structure

1295 hours: work/train format over 2 years (2 days in-school training / 3 days in-company). The student is hired by the employer for the entire duration of the diploma and is paid according to his/her age.

  • Geometric construction of patterns
  • Draping : muslin on dress form
  • Patternmaking : Industrialization – Transformations
  • Gradation
  • Assembly / Fabrication
  • Alterations
  • Sourcing documents/spec packs
  • Design studio English
  • CAD(Computer Assisted Design) Lectra©


With added expertise in Computer Assisted Design and Design Studio English, the International Patternmaking Diploma graduates can work in design studios across the globe in a wide range of positions from clothing assembly to quality control, from tailor/dressmaker workshops to mass retailing.


This training module is entirely funded (tools and equipment not included) by the OPCA. Our co-op department will assist you in your search for a sponsoring company and will help optimize your job search by analyzing your CV and giving interview tips.

Registration fees and teaching materials fees are 160 €

Throughout your work-train program, interns will be paid according to age/situation.

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