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Admission Requirements

Graduates of the foundation year, high school or Clothing Patternmaker Diploma who are looking to boost or update their skills and expertise in clothing assembly and fabrication; or employees with prior fashion experience.

Certified by the French government as equivalent to 2 years of post-secondary education.

Program Structure

1295 hours: work/train format over 2 years (2 days in-school training / 3 days in-company). The student is hired by the employer for the entire duration of the diploma and is paid according to his/her age.

  • Geometric construction of patterns
  • Draping : muslin on dress form
  • Patternmaking : Industrialization – Transformations
  • Gradation
  • Assembly / Fabrication
  • Alterations
  • Sourcing documents/spec packs
  • Design studio English
  • CAD(Computer Assisted Design) Lectra©


With added expertise in Computer Assisted Design and Design Studio English, the International Patternmaking Diploma graduates can work in design studios across the globe in a wide range of positions from clothing assembly to quality control, from tailor/dressmaker workshops to mass retailing.


This training module is entirely funded (tools and equipment not included) by the OPCA. Our co-op department will assist you in your search for a sponsoring company and will help optimize your job search by analyzing your CV and giving interview tips.

Throughout your work-train program, interns will be paid according to age/situation.

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