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Admission Requirements

This training module is ideal for applicants with some prior experience in clothing assembly, or students who have successfully completed the foundation unit in clothing construction.

Program Structure

9 month full-time study program divided into 3-month modules (420 hrs of in-school training + 3 months of internship).

Patternmaking techniques (using our own geometrical methodology):

  • Patternmaking
  • Grading
  • Fittings/alterations
  • Draping muslin on dress form
Work Placement:

  • Practical work training in real-life setting


The certified clothing patternmaker can access the work/train International Patternmaking Diploma. The graduate can also work directly with fashion houses or design studios in the creation of the initial muslin study garment, or quality control, from a small custom-made collection to mass retailers and distributors


Tuition varies according to selected modules. (Payable in 2 installments: 50% upon enrollment/ 50% prior to session start)

Registration fees and teaching materials fees are 160 €

Modules Duration Fees
Full training Menwear & Womenwear 18 months
(12 months in-school + 6 months internship)
19 550€
Full training Menwear OR Womenwear 9 months
(6 months in-school + 3 months internship)
10 850€
Module 1 only 3 months in-school 6 750€
Module 2 only 3 months in-school 6 750€

Consult our Terms and Conditions

Under certain conditions tuition and fees can be funded by unemployment agencies or continuing education (training policies) for employees by companies.

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