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Admission Requirements

This training module is ideal for applicants with some prior experience in clothing assembly, or students who have successfully completed the foundation unit in clothing construction. This diploma is certified by the French government.

Program Structure

9 month full-time study program divided into 3-month modules (420 hrs of in-school training + 3 months of internship). Womenswear option: 4 intakes per year / Menswear: 1 intake per year.

Patternmaking techniques (using our own geometrical methodology):

  • Patternmaking
  • Grading
  • Fittings/alterations
  • Draping muslin on dress form
Work Placement:

  • Practical work training in real-life setting


The certified clothing patternmaker can access the work/train International Patternmaking Diploma. The graduate can also work directly with fashion houses or design studios in the creation of the initial muslin study garment, or quality control, from a small custom-made collection to mass retailers and distributors


Tuition varies according to selected modules. (Payable in 2 installments: 50% upon enrollment/ 50% prior to session start)

Modules Duration Fees
Full training Menwear & Womenwear 18 months
(12 months in-school + 6 months internship)
19 150€
Full training Menwear OR Womenwear 9 months
(6 months in-school + 3 months internship)
10 850€
Module 1 only 3 months in-school 6 750€
Module 2 only 3 months in-school 6 750€

Consult our Terms and Conditions

Under certain conditions tuition and fees can be funded by unemployment agencies or continuing education (training policies) for employees by companies.

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