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Finished product technician

The Finished product technician

The finished product technician plays a crucial role in the final phase of the clothing production process. The FPT’s main mission is to ensure that the finished products respond to the quality and conformity standards defined by the company. Their objective is to guarantee that each garment which leaves the factory or workshop is perfectly crafted, in compliance with specifications and floor-ready, to be sold.

Job description

The tasks of a finished product technician are diverse and necessitate in-depth knowledge of quality standards. They perform final checks on clothing, verifying finishes, trims, stitching, buttons, fasteners and all the technical details to guarantee the quality and perfection of the garment’s final appearance and look.

One of the main missions of the finished product technician is to detect flaws, defects or finishing problems. They carefully inspect each garment and identify imperfections, stitching flaws, material or fabric issues or cut/fit problems. They propose solutions to remedy the problems and guarantee that the clothing follows the required quality standards.
The finished product technician equally plays an important role in the communication with the production teams. They work closely with technical apparel designers, the head seamstresses and tailors and other team members to resolve finishing problems, to adjust the couture/stitching techniques or to bring in any improvements to the production process.

The finished product technician must possess advanced skills and know-how in finishing techniques, stitching and couture methods and knowledge of the fashion industry’s quality standards. The FPT must be able to work independently, to make quick and precise decisions and to maintain a constant and meticulous attention to detail.

With greater experience and the acquisition of highly sophisticated skills in the finishing and quality domains, a finished product technician can move up to managerial positions in quality control, production supervisor or product development technician.

Training programs

Training programs

Full-time program

International Technical Apparel Designer

Full-time program

International Technical Apparel Designer - Menswear