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Quality controller

The Quality controller

The quality controller plays a crucial role in the garment production process. The quality controller’s main mission is to guarantee that the clothing respects the quality standards and requirements defined by the company, assuring that each piece of clothing which leaves the factory or workshop follows the quality specifications and demands.

Job description

The quality controller’s tasks are varied and necessitate tremendous attention to detail. Working closely with the production teams, the suppliers, and the finished product technicians to set up quality control procedures, tests, and inspections on finished products while reporting and documenting all inspection data.

One of the quality controller’s main missions is to evaluate products at every production phase. They perform visual tests, measurement checks, testing the degree of resistance and other evaluation criteria to ensure that the clothing complies with quality guidelines. They identify any defects, fabrication errors and conformity issues while proposing solutions to resolve problems.

The quality controller is also responsible for picking up on any non-conformity issues in quality. In the case of defective products or when non-conformity becomes an issue, the QC sets up correction, replacement or return procedures, by ensuring that quality standards are respected and that problems are resolved in a timely manner.

The quality controller must completely master all quality standards, inspection procedures, and the current fashion industry regulations. The QC must also clearly communicate with all concerned parties and resolve problems and make well-founded decisions to improve the quality of products.

With more experience and upskilling of competencies in quality control, a quality controller can move up the ladder to quality control managerial positions or become a freelance consultant in the fashion industry.

Training programs

Training programs

Full-time program

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