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Production manager

The Production manager

The production manager plays an essential role in the clothing industry. The PM’s main role is to supervise and coordinate all production phases from raw material sourcing to the delivery of finished products.

Job description

The PM’s tasks are varied and necessitate a high degree of organization. The PM works in close collaboration with the creative teams, the suppliers, the sewing workshops, and logistics to ensure that the garments are produced according to the production schedule’s timeframe, while respecting quality standards and budget requirements.

One of the production manager’s main missions is to plan and coordinate the production schedule. They put together the time schedule with all phases of production, defining the fabrication steps, allocating the necessary resources, and supervising the advancement of the different phases. They must ensure deadlines are met and that products follow technical specifications.

They are equally responsible for quality control. They make sure the finished garments respond to quality standards and company demands. They set up quality control procedures, product inspections during the fabrication process and the management of returns and the necessary alterations and corrections.

The production manager must master the entire production chain process and be able to make rapid and well-founded decisions. The PM must possess advanced skills in project management, in human resource management and in negotiating with suppliers. In-depth knowledge of the fabrication process, quality standards and security and hygiene guidelines are also required.

With experience and the development of advanced skills in production management, a PM can move up to higher managerial positions, operations manager, or logistics manager in a fashion house. Some choose to work independently as consultants bringing their expertise to different brands and companies.

Training programs

Training programs

Full-time program

Fashion and Technical Apparel Designer