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Frequently asked questions


Yes, the AICP is a private higher education establishment.
The AICP proposes basic training programs in technical apparel job categories full-time. Our training portfolio includes 3 basic training modules:
  • Foundation Year: Intro to Technical Apparel Design: 1 year full-time
  • International Technical Apparel Designer: 1 year, full-time
  • International Technical Men’s Apparel Designer; 1 year, full-time
  • Fashion and Technical Apparel Designer-Innovation Design Research Department): 1 year, full-time
Short-term training modules are equally proposed for experienced professionals and adults.

./ Two of our diplomas are registered with the National Register of Professional Certifications: International Technical Apparel Designer: certified Level 5, and the Fashion and Technical Apparel Designer-Innovation Design Research Department: certified Level 6

The NRPC certification guarantees that the training and diplomas are recognized and valued on the professional fashion job market and are transferable and applicable if the student chooses to pursue his/her studies.

The AICP is a private higher education establishment. Our students are not eligible for CROUS loans/scholarships. You can obtain varying funding assistance by applying for grants with the regional council employment centers or via your employee training fund.

You can enroll at the AICP from 17 years on with all high school diplomas. The admissions process starts with a personal interview regardless of the desired program; to understand your motivation and create a road map for your career projects.

For the “International Technical Apparel Designer and the Fashion and Technical Apparel Designer(Innovation Design Research Department” diplomas, you will take an entrance exam to evaluate your technical apparel design level. Please remember to bring your CV and some clothing pieces for the interview, ideally garments with sleeves.

For the Foundation Year: Intro to Technical Apparel Design diploma, no prior sewing experience is needed and is open to beginners. For the other training modules basic sewing is imperative.
No. The AICP is not accessible via Parcoursup. You can apply to the AICP directly by filling-out the pre-registration form on our internet site or by setting up an interview with our admissions department or by signing up for one of our “Spend a Day with us” events.
For the full-time training programs: 35h per week, from Mondays to Thursdays: 9 to 1230 and from 1330 to 1745, and Fridays from 9-13.
AICP enrollment is open all year, within the limit of available spaces.
AICP classes are taught in French, however, there are no formal French language classes in the training programs. Several institutions in Paris provide French classes: Alliance Française, the Sorbonne or other private institutions.
Yes, the school accompanies AICP students throughout the year to help in assigning work placements.
diplôme. The technical fashion job categories are experiencing shortages in manpower, the recruitment offers override the job applications. Employment opportunities and career paths are abundant. 90% of our graduates are hired in the year following their graduation.
200€ in additional charges are incurred every year by students to cover the muslin, fusing, fabric, cardboard, paper, tracing paper, materials (buttons, shoulder pads). The school provides the rest of the tools and equipment necessary for the crafting of garments throughout the year for the training programs.