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Full-time program

Fashion and Technical
Apparel Designer

Admission Requirements

AICP’s International Technical Apparel Designer graduates / Fashion or Technical Apparel design students (2 years of higher education) - Entrance Exam


11 months including a 6 months internship intervals - 650 hours of training


Modéliste créateur en bureau d'études - Certified Level 6 diploma, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree (RNCP36212 - code NSF 242 - 11/07/2018)


11 500 € (+ 200 € de frais d’inscription), divisible into two payments (50% upon enrollment, 50% at least 1 month before the start of classes).

The Creative Program for the Architects of Clothing

This training is for International Technical Apparel Designer diploma graduates or candidates who have 2 years of higher education from a fashion school or the equivalent; selected based on application and entrance exam, who have already crafted garments and who wish to work in the technical fashion job and fashion trend job categories to acquire additional skills most especially in the creative domain.

This program provides the knowledge and skills in creative technical apparel design while developing a transversal vision in line with the evolution of modern-day fashion houses. This program allows you to unleash your creativity by crafting your own garments. The students will also acquire a global understanding of the fashion and technical apparel designer job categories.

Finally, simulating the launch of a collection will allow students to put into practice the necessary steps and phases to succeed in this domain.

Program objectives

Mastering different draping techniques to understand and interpret design and style requirements by ensuring the correct fit and form and coherent grading.

Drafting and checking patterns of varying quality grades while respecting company guidelines and requirements.

Using Lectra Modaris and Diamino software on the job to be able to easily integrate a dynamic industry and optimize time limit deadlines and produce patterns more quickly.

Understanding the life cycle of a product and the challenges of a globalized industry while being aware of best practices and the challenges companies face.

Putting together a tech pack with varying spec sheets used by different departments and services.

Understanding sewing workshop/design studio activities and their organizational structure to be able to supervise and control production quality.

Using oral and written English in a professional fashion environment targeting specific technical information and mastering the vocabulary necessary to put together a tech pack.



The technical and theoretical training takes place at the AICP. The practical training takes place both in class and throughout the on-the-job work placements.

Draping module

  • Research, innovations, muslin, and mock-up development
  • Fluid drape, Moderate and Voluminous Drape, draping blocks/slopers
  • Complex asymmetry, complex sleeves and collars
  • Draping techniques with a “couture” approach

Patternmaking module

  • Specific techniques to industrialize complex pieces
  • Pattern development for leather garments
  • Flat pattern cutting: the raglan and kimono sleeves

Additional courses

  • CAD (©Lectra Modaris, Modaris Expert, ©Clo3D and Diamino)
  • Supply chain
  • Collection Design Process – Trends
  • Marketing – Communication
  • Team management
  • Tech/Spec Packs
  • Manufacturing Site Breakdown
  • Technical English



Average success rate
in the last 3 years


The average grade from
the 2021-2023 intake

Career prospects

Career prospects

Graduates are ready to apply for jobs within an innovation design research department or launch their own company.
Career prospects

Technical apparel designer

Career prospects

Production manager

Career prospects

Head seamstress

Career prospects

Quality controller

Career prospects

Collection manager

Career prospects

Head of design research

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