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Career prospects

Technical apparel designer

The Technical apparel designer

The technical apparel designer is a key player in the fashion industry. The TAD’s key role is to bring the designer’s creative vision to life by transforming sketches and concepts into garments.

The TAD works in close collaboration with designers to bring their creative visions to life with real-life garments.

Job description

The TAD’s tasks are varied and exciting. The TAD begins by interpreting the designer’s sketches and transforming them into patterns which are employed to assemble the garments. The TAD employs skills in flat pattern cutting, draping and CAD software to create precise patterns which are adapted to different sizes, morphologies, and body shapes.

The TAD then begins to produce the prototypes. Using advanced couture/sewing techniques and clothing construction skills, the TAD transforms the patterns into true-to-life physical pieces. This is a highly complex production process which necessitates precision and a profound knowledge of different couture and sewing techniques

The TAD’s missions go way beyond the crafting of garments. Working in close collaboration with production teams and dressmakers and tailors to guarantee the feasibility of the garments and consider technical constraints. The TAD plays a crucial role in the optimization of cut, proportions, shapes, and assembly to obtain the perfect fit and a high-quality finish.

The TAD must respect the production schedule and the quality requirements. The TAD must adapt to design modifications and resolve technical assembly issues which come about during the production process. Good team communication is key, most especially with designers, sewing workshop managers, and quality assurance managers to assure the success of the project.

With greater experience and the development of cutting-edge skills, a TAD can become a manager or creative director. Some also opt for freelance consulting, working with a host of designers and brands on a variety of projects.

Training programs

Training programs

Full-time program

International Technical Apparel Designer

Full-time program

International Technical Apparel Designer - Menswear

Full-time program

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