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Career prospects

Head of design research

The Head of design research

The head of innovation design research occupies a key role in the creative process and the development of fashion products. Their main role is to supervise and coordinate the innovation design research unit activities to guarantee quality, conformity, and the delivery of effective and appealing products.

Job description

Their tasks are varied and necessitate a great mastery of the product development process. They work closely with designers, technical apparel designers, finished product technicians and suppliers to ensure that products are developed according to company standards, guidelines, and requirements.

One of the main missions of the head of innovation design research is the coordination of the product development activities. They manage the schedules, the deadlines, and the allocated budgets. They supervise the creative process, from the initial conception to the crafting of prototypes and final samples. They ensure that each step is respected, in a timely manner, responding to the defined quality standards.

They are also responsible for the communication and coordination between the different clothing production process players. They ensure an efficient connect between the creative teams, the suppliers, and the production teams by making sure that all parties work in synch to obtain the fixed objectives.

The Head of innovation design research must have a deep understanding of the product development process, manufacturing techniques and the constraints acting on the fashion industry. They must also be savvy in project management, in resolving problems and in interpersonal communication.

With greater experience and the development of advanced skills in project management and product development, the head of innovation design research can move up the ladder to creative director positions, head of product development or become a specialized consultant in the management of the creative process.

Training programs

Training programs

Full-time program

Fashion and Technical Apparel Designer