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Head seamstress

The Head seamstress

This manager plays a crucial role in the organization and coordination of the production process in a fashion house. The head’s main responsibility is to ensure that the fabrication and assembly processes run smoothly and efficiently, meeting the production schedule’s deadlines and respecting quality standards.

Job description

The head’s tasks are varied and stimulating. Supervising and managing a team of dressmakers and tailors and fit technicians, by delegating specific tasks and by assuring that resources are used in an optimal manner. They plan work schedules, the division of labor and tasks and the organization and production flow.

The head seamstress/tailor works closely with designers, technical apparel designers, and fit technicians to assure that the garments are produced according to technical specificity and crafting requirements. This manager plays a key role in the production coordination phases from fabric cutting to final montage, to garment finishing and quality control.

This manager’s tasks go beyond daily production management. The head must also ensure the shipping and delivery deadlines, managing the raw material stock and any problems to be resolved during the production process. They work in close collaboration with all department members, such as the innovation and design unit, purchasing, and logistics to assure a harmonious coordination throughout the production process.

The head seamstress/tailor must be a skilled and inspiring leader by motivating and guiding the team, by resolving problems in an efficient and timely manner and by making quick decisions when necessary. Clear and open communication is essential to ensure a harmonious collaboration between the different production team players

With greater experience and the development of cutting-edge skills in production management, the head seamstress/tailor can move up to production manager, supply chain manager or even work independently as a consultant for different brands and companies.

Training programs

Training programs

Full-time program

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Full-time program

International Technical Apparel Designer - menswear

Full-time program

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