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Patternmaker – Grader

The Patternmaker – Grader

The patternmaker/grader plays a key role in the garment fabrication process. The PG’s main role is to translate the designer’s ideas into precise technical patterns by making the appropriate adjustments and ensuring the grading of garments to different sizes and proportions.

Job description

The patternmaker/grader’s roles are varied and highly technical. They work in close collaboration with fashion designers and technical apparel designers to ascertain the creative vision and transform the looks into precise patterns. They use advanced skills in technical drawing, in geometry and math to create garment patterns which respect human body proportions and assure an optimal fit.

One of the main missions of the patternmaker/grader is to adjust patterns. They analyze prototypes and clothing samples to evaluate fit requirements and make the necessary pattern modifications. They work in close collaboration with technical apparel designers and dressmakers to resolve fit, ease and proportion problems and to guarantee that the clothing adapts to the body correctly.

They are also responsible for the gradation of the patterns. They adapt the master pattern to different sizes by employing precise grading techniques. They must understand the varying proportions and dimensions linked to different sizes and ensure that the graded patterns maintain the integrity and style of the original garment.

The patternmaker/grader must be rigorous and precise. They must have in-depth knowledge of patternmaking, construction standards and technical specifications. The capacity to interpret the designer’s concepts, to resolve fit problems and to communicate efficiently with other members of the creative team are essential to succeed in this job category.

With experience and upskilling, a patternmaker/grader can move up to a managerial position or technical design management position or even become an independent consultant working with different companies and brands. Some also opt to specialize in specific domains like lingerie, sportswear or childrenswear.

Training programs

Training programs

Full-time program

International Technical Apparel Designer

Full-time program

International Technical Apparel Designer - menswear