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Fashion as you’ve never imagined it at AICP

Christine Walter Bonini, our President, was on the air of the radio show “Les Impromptus” with Valérie Thorin to discuss fashion and technique!

When we talk about fashion, we almost always mention styling, designers, and models… But none of this can exist without a solid craftsmanship foundation that begins in the workshops of a school where the trade is learned. The AICP is one of these schools. Established in 1830 by master tailors, it still welcomes around 300 students each year. Its graduates then find work in countries all over the world, both in the industry and in fashion houses.

To discuss this, Christine Walter-Bonini joined us live in the studios of Fréquence Protestante. She passionately explains the highlights of the school’s life, the immense work carried out by students and teachers. After a multi-year curriculum, they become fashion professionals with a discerning eye and a steady hand.

Discover fashion as you’ve never imagined it before!